Winch Operation Thursday June 20

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        Third time’s the charm this week?   Anyone want to fly on Thursday?

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        Steven SnyderSteven Snyder

          I’m interested.


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            Well,   that’s one.  Not quite enough…. Anyone else?

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              Don GrilloDon Grillo

                Hi logan,

                I will be out however, I will be
                working on the Ford tractor.?? Wx is not looking so hot for
                soaring tomorrow. Low cigs in the morning hours with some
                improvement late Thursday morning and into the afternoon as
                drier air migrates into the region according to the NWS. You
                should have been there yesterday… 😉 what a day…

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                Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

                  I think I can help with Winch Ops 6/20.
                  WX may be better in aft

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                      looks like today will be a bust. next time!

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                    Yeah I desperately wanted to come yesterday, but it was deadline day and I spent all day presenting results for the last few weeks.    no escape……

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                    Tim PonsotTim Ponsot

                      I wouldn’t call it a bust just yet…I’ll be out around 1-ish to get ready for ballooning and if the wx is better I’d do some launches.

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