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The Sport of Soaring

Tow Plane and Glider

A glider is an aircraft with one or two seats, a fully enclosed cockpit (unlike ultra-lights) and a full complement of directional controls and avionic instrumentation.  At Sky Soaring the glider is towed to altitude by a tow plane or launched to over 1200 feet in seconds by our new Tost winch.

The Soaring Society of America states:
Soaring is the art of sustained flight without a motor. Man’s dream to soar like an eagle can now be accomplished in modern gliders (sailplanes). Soaring is one of the safest, most economical, challenging and rewarding forms of flight. Soaring offers the chance to frequently remain aloft for many hours and travel hundreds of miles without creating a sound. A student pilot may fly a glider alone at age 14, and earn a private pilot license at 16.”

Who Enjoys Soaring?

Soaring is a fun and memorable experience for all types and ages!

Couples and families enjoy the shared experience of soaring.

Experienced aviation enthusiasts love soaring because it’s all about the joy of pure flight. Soaring refines a power pilot’s precision landing and energy management skills.  (An FAA Medical Certificate is not required to fly a glider.)

Student pilots enjoy soaring because it teaches fundamentals of flight with unparalleled clarity. Both experienced and entry level pilots enjoy how economical the sport is compared to powered aircraft.

Outdoor enthusiasts of all types (including sailors, climbers, and trekkers) enjoy soaring because it’s a beautiful and exhilarating way to experience nature.

14 Year Old Zak Solo’s

High School and college students enjoy the sport because it’s an exciting entry point to the aviation career field.  The FAA allows 14 year-olds to fly gliders (with appropriate instruction). Sky Soaring hosts glider flying for the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) program.

Youth and Junior Scholarships are available to those seeking to solo and become rated pilots

Glider passengers must be at least 4 feet tall, and less than 220 lbs.  Minors require parental presence.

Flight Training