Club Membership Benefits & Costs

Sky Soaring Glider Club

The club is all about sharing the fun of flying gliders with friends and family.  We sponsor planned social events throughout the year but every day provides an opportunity to participate in the sport – and build friendships in the process!

  • Location. Our private field is only 45 minutes northwest of Chicago off Interstate 90.
  • The club has FAA certified flight instructors and tow pilots.
  • Members have free use of the club’s gliders. No rental fees!
  • FAA Desigated Pilot Examiner available for private and commercial glider check rides.
  • Sky Soaring airport (55LL) has a 3,000 ft. grass runway, a hangar, pilot’s club room
  • Our airport is privately owned and is not a busy commercial operation.  It has no pattern congestion with power planes and no air space intrusion by sport parachutists.

Flying at Sky Soaring is Exceptionally Affordable

Sky Soaring Club Dues and Fee’s:

  • One Time New Member Initiation Fee – $250
  • Yearly Membership Dues – $725 (includes yearly SSA and CGLC membership)
  • One Time Club “Buy In” $1000, can be paid all at once or $500 per year
  • Family Member Yearly Dues (Spouse, Child, Grandchild) $75 per year
  • Junior Yearly Membership (ages 13-21) $495, no Initiation Fee or “Buy In” required.

Club Aircraft Rental Rates:

  • All club gliders are free to members.

Aero Tow Rates:

  • 1000ft = $25
  • 2000ft = $35
  • 2500ft = $45
  • 3000ft = $55

Flight Instruction Fees:

  • $10.00 per flight

Field Use Fees- Tie Down Charges:

  • None



Now Accepting 1 new member for the current flying season

Use our online form below to submit your new member application.

A Sky Soaring Board of Directors member will contact you and review your application. Once your membership has been approved, our membership coordinator will contact you with important club information.

There is a $250.00 *initiation fee to apply for Sky Soaring Membership.

*(No initiation fee for Youth/Junior membership applications.)

Please fill out the Application Form Below and press submit. Then go to our store and pay your initiation fee with your credit card.


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    Ratings and Endorsements Currently Held (Check all that apply):

    NoneStudent Certificate - GliderStudent Certificate with Glider Solo EndorsementPrivate Pilot - GliderCommercial Pilot - GliderRecreational Pilot Student CertificateRecreational PilotSport Pilot Student CertificateSport PilotPrivate Pilot Student Certificate - ASELPrivate Pilot - ASELCommercial Pilot - ASELAirline Transport PilotCertified Flight Instructor - GliderCertified Flight Instructor - ASELAirframe & PowerplantInspector AuthorizationTow Pilot EndorsementHigh Performance EndorsementComplex EndorsementTailwheel Endorsement

    Student Flights:

    Glider Hours:

    Power Hours:

    Pilot Lic #:

    Date of last Flight Review

    Sky Soaring is operated entirely by its volunteer members. Members must contribute their time and effort to the benefit of the club and participate in club activities. What specific resources or skills could you contribute?

    Briefly explain your motivation in seeking a glider pilots license:

    As required by the Federal Aviation Administration are you a current U.S. citizen? Gov Issued ID Required.*


    As required by the FAA are you proficient in the use of the English language?*


    By pressing SUBMIT you affirm that the above information is true and correct.

    Now go to our store and pay your initiation fee.