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      Don GrilloDon Grillo

        Hello Fellow SSI Members!!

        This coming Saturday is the SSI Annual Meeting when elections for new officers will be held.  As a reminder, the C & B states that you must be an LLC/Regular, Honorary or Patron member to run for an officer position.  If you meet that criteria you may nominate yourself for an officer position. You can do this at the meeting when the President calls for nominations and you will be added to the list of members running for a position.

        Any SSI member may nominate someone for a position on the BOD as long as the member being nominated meets the rule. The person nominated may accept or decline the nomination.

        The positions are:

        Vice President
        Flight Committee Chairman
        Maintenance Committee Chairman

        The Flight Committee and Maintenance committee require two other members to serve, for a total of three members on each committee.

        The new Flight Committee Chairman will appoint a Chief Tow Pilot and one other member to serve on the committee.

        The new Maintenance Committee Chairman will appoint two members to serve on the committee.

        Any member may volunteer themselves or recommend someone else to serve on those committees. The members appointed or recommended does not have to be present to accept if his/her intention has been to serve on those committees. Approval by the BOD is required.

        If you wish to be recommend but cannot attend the meeting, let if be known to any BOD member and they will make note of it to the newly elected committee chairman.

        You should have all received an email in the last few days from John Osborn with the ballot and instructions.  If not, please contact John via email or phone: joodeo@yahoo.com  or 815-985-6310

        NOTE: Article IV Section 7 of the C & B states that if you are delinquent in dues, you may not vote or hold office.  If you have not paid your 4th quarter dues, please do that this week. Contact Steve Snyder for payment.

        Lets get a good turnout on Saturday…




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        Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

          How are “Nominations for BOD” sent in?

          Are they done in the Write-in section of ballot? (probably not)

          or by a separate private email to the Secretary?

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