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      Larry KaseLarry Kase

        The Soarers took off today in booming conditions. Members set PRs with flights up to 10,100 (J Scott).

        After annualing the PW5, I took off to join the festivities. It flew fine but I got a sled ride and almost beat the tow plane to the ground. My bad luck spread and an avalanche of gliders followed me to the ground.

        MM did most of the tows and got the Krosno to the highest heights.

        12 flights today and lots of Memories.



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        Don GrilloDon Grillo
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            Art SilvermanArt Silverman

              Great Flight!!

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              Greg TomczykGreg Tomczyk

                Very nice flight … not familiar with some of the data, but I will ask when I talk with you at the field. You’ve come a long way with your soaring skills. I typed in the right place.

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                Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

                  Wow…..~ 2000 meter average altitude.
                  Wondering……any skydiver Rochelle conflicts? How do they know your
                  coming, or vise-versa?

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                    Don GrilloDon Grillo

                      Before leaving the Hinckley area I
                      called Rochelle on the radio and asked if they were having sky
                      diving operations. They confirmed they were, so we avoided their
                      airspace well to the east.?? You don’t want to fly gliders under
                      falling parachutists. That could ruin your whole day.


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                  Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

                    Thank you, Don, good clarification that radio-comm must be used. Club glider radios and/or club handhelds would need to be unlocked from 123.3, if venturing off !

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