Tomorrow is our Sky Soaring Monthly Meeting (Saturday-August 18th)

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      John BakerJohn Baker

        Sky Soaring Members,
        Tomorrow is our Sky Soaring Monthly Meeting (Saturday – August 18th) at 9am in the Sky Soaring Hangar, and as is often the case you will probably find a couple of Sky Soaring members grabbing a table in the dinning room at the BP Travel America for breakfast at 8:00am before the monthly meeting.

        Weather outlook (METARs) for flying after Saturday’s meeting (O’Hare forecast):

        KORD 171156Z 1712/1818 23005KT 3SM BR VCSH SCT006 BKN030 BKN250
        TEMPO 1712/1714 BKN006
        FM171500 02005KT P6SM VCSH SCT020 BKN035 BKN250
        FM172000 05008KT P6SM VCTS SCT035CB BKN070 BKN250
        FM172200 03007KT P6SM SCT030
        FM180600 01003KT 6SM BR FEW010
        FM181400 03008KT P6SM SCT025

        …Which means with the winds from the NNE (30 degrees) at 8 kts from 9am to noon Saturday morning after the meeting taking off on runway 9 we will have a 6-7 kt crosswind component and a 4-5 kt headwind component with scattered clouds at 2,500 feet (AGL).

        Stay hydrated – the forecast is for it to be in the low 80’s at the field tomorrow afternoon.

        Other Reminders:

        1. Sky Soaring “Labor Day” Weekend Picnic is in two weeks:

        – Sunday September 2nd is our “Labor Day” Weekend Party at the Sky Soaring Hangar
        . The grills will fire up at 3:30, we should begin eating around 4:00.
        . Burgers, brats, hotdogs, condiments and soda will be supplied by SSI.
        . Please bring your appetite and a dish to share.
        . Assistance with setup and grilling is always greatly appreciated.
        . We are asking for a $6.00 per person donation to help cover the costs.

        2. Reminders of other Aviation Events:

        – August 24-26, 2018 – B-17 Flying Fortress Tour Stop
        Waukegan, IL – Waukegan National Airport
        Field Location: South Ramp of KUGN,
        2601 W Plane Rest Drive, Waukegan, IL 60087

        – Thanks, John

        John Baker

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        Larry KaseLarry Kase

          After the meeting, we started aero tows. We stopped towing to adjust the throttle . Larry & Gary went to work on the tow plane while other members pulled out the winch. We got in about a dozen launches and then the tow plane was returned to service. Thanks to Andy and Kirda for helping with repairs.
          Sunday ops start at 10 am.

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          Larry KaseLarry Kase

            Congrats 🎉 to Mark Mallamo for passing his CFIA checkride at Poplar Grove today.

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