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      John LincolnJohn Lincoln

        I would like to say thank you to all of our winter club members who have been out at the field working on our fleet. Of notable remembrance would be Geoff Weck for the surface recovering of the Pawnee Horizontal stabilizer, and the elevator for Stars and Stripes. He made it a training session as well. Probably a good skill for our members to know. He was assisted by Steve, Petr, John DeRosa, Jerry Kawecki, Kees, John Belue, Bob Steffens, Greg Tomczyk, and Don. If I missed you I apologize.

        Gary Palumbo has led the efforts on the Pawnee annual with assistance from Don, Jim Hopkins, John DeRosa and I’m sure others that I am not aware of. The Pawnee’s annual is done for the 2023 season. That included the testing of the struts (always a many person endeavor), checking and fixing the wiring of the stall warning horn, the above mentioned horizontal stabilizer recovering, (If I remember correctly the control surfaces still need to be painted and reinstalled.) and as I recall from other annuals a whole host of other checks. Thank You to Gary and all that have helped.

        The 1-26 C has had it’s master switch replaced. Greg Palmer has repaired/replaced the flag on the hangar.

        Finally I’m sure that there’s been quite a bit more that I’m not aware of but I wish to say THANKS for all your efforts.

        John Lincoln, Maintenance

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