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      Don GrilloDon Grillo

        Glider ready, student ready, tow plane ready, tow pilot ready.

        Any instructors coming out?

        Nice light winds out of the east.

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        Mark MallamoMark Mallamo

          24 flights on Sunday.  Congrats to Bobby Kramer who flew his first solo flight in our 2-33 Pumpkin!  Aaron Mazeika and I got a bird’s eye 🦅 view of Bobby’s solo landing from 2000 feet up in the Krosno—looked good!  Longest flight of the day honors goes to John Lincoln who was up for a little over four hours in his glider.  How do you do it John??  Thanks to Gary Palumbo and Aaron Mazeika for towing most of the day.  Gary, Larry and I instructed and many other members & junior members assisted with wing running, retrieves, flight board, etc.  Special thanks as well to Mark Reich for treating us to lunch from McD’s (once again) this weekend.  We owe you Mark!

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