Sunday Aug 30 – A Great Day

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      John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

        Had 18 flights yesterday, 9 over 1h, with lift to 7200ft. Unexpected, and unpredicted, WX for this time of year.


        – Mark Mallamo launched a training flight at 10:45 (!) and stayed up for 1:11.

        – Erik Schnaubelt – had a 2:03 flight

        – Andy Chicewicz – had a 1:18 flight

        – Gary Palumbo – had a 1:44 flight

        – Art Silverman – had a 2:00 flight to Dekalb and Popular Grove

        – Denny Burke – had a 1:29 flight

        – John Scott had two flights at the very end of the day , the last one for 1:27 landing at 5:50.

        – As we were all about to leave when John Lincoln finally landed at 5:50 after a 4:46 flight.  Unsure where he flew to during all that time.


        Very nice day indeed.


        – John DeRosa Reporting


        PS – I got off tow just after noon, got off at 2K (faked out the tow pilot and a mistake), got down to 950ft AGL (!), luckily found some good lift near the truck stop, then flew to Popular Grove, Hinkley and Dacy in 3:00.   I like the PW-5 with the “new” Oudie (Petr donation) and the LXNav Vario (Grillo donation).  But got to get that radio working again!

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        John LincolnJohn Lincoln

          First I want to thank John DeRosa and especially John Scott, his daughter and her boy friend for the beer and sticking around and helping me derig. Thank You all.

          John D didn’t mention where I went. It was all over. In order it was Belvidere, Popular Grove, Hilbert, Kirkpatrick, DeKalib, back to Hilbert, down to Huntley at the freeway, back to west of Hilbert and then back to SSI. It was a very enjoyable day after all.

          John, isn’t all flying in August like this? JL

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          John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

            John L,
            Sorry I didn’t get all your turnpoints written down yesterday.  You rattled them off so fast I got dizzy and dropped my pen. 
            Is all flying in August like this? We can only pray it is so.
            – John D.

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