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      Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

        Hey, I just remembered, we have at least 6 nice metal canopy stakes, in the Hanger, that could be used for the new Foldable canopy Mark bought. They are “v” formed steel with a j-hook end

        These stakes were bought for the East-end Tubular canopy, before it was broken up by a 2018 windstorm.

        The stakes should be in the the Black Storage-bag of remains of 2018’s busted-up tubing & tarp. That storage bag was last seen inside the small pull-cart (4 equipment) next to the Ballooning Baskets.

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        Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

          I found the good tent stakes in the old tubular canopy black bag, near the balloon baskets.

          The stakes were placed on top of the box for the fold-out blue canopy (near soda vending).

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            Art SilvermanArt Silverman


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