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      John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

        Earlier this year Chad Morin, the owner of Nostagia Ballooning, scheduled garbage collection at the field and then offered Sky Soaring the opportunity to use this service for free. Sky Soaring has utilized this to our benefit.  Many thanks!

        Recently a team of Sky Soaring worker bees have been cleaning out the hangar’s attic, and other ares, of accumulated “stuff” and have filled up the trash dumpster multiple times over. The SSI board has decided to pay for the last three months of 2020 service as a “Thank You” back to Nostagia Ballooning.

        I did notice that what appears to be some trash from the dumpster was moved to the burn pile, some of which was non-trash, and then lit. Also metal was found in the burned pile of trash which obviously does not burn and will need to be picked up. Please continue to only use the gondola for trash. Going forward only yard waste (brush, trees, leaves, etc) should be put on the burn pile. Thanks.

        Note that the LAST DAY of trash service will be Wednesday, December 30th. Service will be started again in the spring.

        Thanks again for all the hard work going on at the field this winter. More on that coming up in my monthly “newsletter”.

        Happy Holidays!
        John DeRosa
        President, Sky Soaring Glider

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