Spring Checkouts for Flight Instructors

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      Don GrilloDon Grillo

        Hello Sky Soaring Flight Instructors,

        This Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday (Easter) will be your time to get your spring checkout flights completed. You will not be able to fly until you have one. This is a new safety culture procedure that requires all members to have a spring checkout. It typically will require 3 flights. Tow maneuvers such as Box the Wake and Slack Rope, straight and turning stalls, slow flight, steep turns, spiral dive recovery, PTT and precision landings.

        I have heard from 3 instructors and their intentions for the coming season provided AIG renews our insurance. I’m still waiting to hear from the rest of you. As of now, we are holding off on accepting any new club members due to a lack of instructors willing to instruct this coming season.

        Also, our fleet utilization committee is assessing the need for each club ship and will make recommendations to the BOD. Flight instruction need is part of the equation.

        Hope to see you Friday or Saturday.
        Don Grillo

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        Dennis BurkeDennis Burke
          These questions prob already answered:1) is there more glider Assembly day(s)?(Maybe I missed that planning time)2) is the B.O.P. app still our reservation system?Thanks!

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          John DeRosaJohn DeRosa


            One quick important comment.

            Ron Ridenour mentioned to me the importance of all gliders must land and come to a COMPLETE STOP between the threshold markers.

            Please DO NOT overrun the west end of the runway into the “overrun” area unless absolutely necessary.   Ron will be watching for this.

            Previously we have rolled into the overrun area as a “convenience”.  Ron harps on always choosing the safe method and not to use a convenience just to save some time – it can be dangerous.

            Thank you for all your efforts.

            John DeRosa, President

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