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      Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

        After the April 17th post by Don, a very good review of how we should be talking to ourselves with the Challenge-Response to B.T. and L.D. checklists, I decided to search some soaring YouTube clips on general Glider takeoff and landing prep. We haven’t had great weather (except Wed 26th), so why not.
        I was curious to see if some famous pilots in the US, who post stuff from their Clubs and love their GoPro’s ,were doing the right thing. Sadly, NOPE.
        Take a look, you will be hard pressed to see a Takeoff prep or pre-landing prep YT video where you can hear the pilot call out checks. Sure, on-camera they mechanically check release, spoilers, canopy….but did they forget something???
        In my humble opinion, the Soaring Safety Foundation should look at some YT soaring posts, especially if they are from a club, and possibly contact them and tap them on the shoulder. So, i saw something (bad), so I’m saying something.

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        Rich WalendaRich Walenda

          Thanks for saying something. The something that you said is not your intended message. The real message is that anyone who records their flights may also be recording their best or worst witness against themselves. Use caution if recording and/or posting videos. Thanks for saying something.

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