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      Don GrilloDon Grillo

        Hello SSI Members,

        On Monday night, Oct. 11th at approximately 11:25pm as our video confirms, a vehicle being pursued by police drove onto our field through the Elgiloy Road access point. The vehicle which looked like a pickup truck drove onto the displaced threshold then drove toward the locked gate entryway. The vehicle drove through the wire fence and struck the guardrail then proceeded to head NW on Rte 20. A police vehicle is then seen searching the entrance area with a search light.

        I have filed a police report with the McHenry Sheriffs Department and supplied them with our video.

        Damage to the wire fence will require us to replace some of the fence poles that were bent over. Guardrail damage will require the IL DOT to replace the bent rail.

        P.S. The vehicle probably took substantial damage as it looks like it went partially airborne when it hit the very large bumps in the farmers field prior to accessing our airport grounds. There were also frontend parts at the entryway.

        Don Grillo
        Flight Ch.

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        Larry MoyLarry Moy

          Wow.  Idiots everywhere.

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          Rich WalendaRich Walenda


            Did Hampshire police or the Sheriff’s office say why the vehicle was chased?  This kind of driver behavior is usually not someone trying to dodge a speeding ticket.  Something much bigger had to be taking place that someone was willing to damage their truck to get away.  Property damage can be fixed.  Thanks for the interesting news and photos.



            PS does going airborne over bumps qualify as a take off and landing on 55LL?

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