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      Don GrilloDon Grillo

        Hello Instructors,
        I am hoping to get some advice from you. We have a young student that is rather tall and has long legs. Flying the 2-33, his knees are high and when pulling the dive brake handle out, his left leg hits the handle and he cannot put in left aileron. We found this out the other day when we were practicing slips. He can’t do a left slip (left aileron down/right rudder).  Since we were landing on 27 with a south wind we needed to do that left slip.

        This student is a very good pilot and he will be ready to solo soon however, I’m not sure I can solo him if he is unable to have full control movement of the stick.

        We really don’t want to train students in the Krosno due to the fact that students can be hard on gliders and we can’t get parts for the Krosno. It’s just not built like a 2-33.

        Should I refer the student to Windy City since they have ASK-21’s which accommodate taller people?

        What is your advice?

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        Mark MallamoMark Mallamo

          He should absolutely be able to have full range movement on all of the flight controls. Have we extended the pedals in the 2-33 for him?If that doesn’t work, why not see if the Krosno is a better fit for him? We’ve soloed new students in it before without trouble. If we’re concerned about damaging the Krosno and not being able to get parts, we shouldn’t keep this glider in our fleet if it’s going to be an unused asset.


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          John ScottJohn Scott

            I echo Marks sentiments. It’s unfortunate he doesn’t fit in the 2-33, back when the Air Force flew older single seat airplanes everyone was sized and those that didn’t fit were prevented from flying. Just like weight and balance considerations; if it doesn’t fit it doesn’t go. Put the individual in the Krosno.

            John M. Scott
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