September 9th

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      John LincolnJohn Lincoln

        It was a nice fall day. SkySite said thermals to 4000 agl and that’s how high I finally got. SkySite also forecast lift for about 4 hours and I managed to squeeze out 3.25 hours. Not to hot, not to windy, not to strong. It reminded me of mid to late October in Phoenix, but not quite as high. Thanks to Nick for the tow, John Osborn GSO, Lawrence for the hook-up and wing run. There was a fair amount of instruction and the day was good for that. Finally thanks to Jim Hopkins for waiting until I landed and handing me a cold refreshment and help me to put my ship away. There may not be many more days like this so when one comes along all y’all should take advantage of it. John Lincoln

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        John ScottJohn Scott

          Activities Report  10 SEP

          – 19 flights with Nick Legenza as Tow Pilot

          – Two octogenarians joined the Mile High Club.

          – Mike Palmer demonstrated that regardless of one’s extensive and varied aviation background, there is always some new achievement to accomplish with his first Solo glider flight.  He reported it was a, “ Drenching Experience “ !

          – Multiple students received training from CFI’s Mark Mallamo and Gary Palumbo.

          – Andy & Petr ( Author will not attempt Last Names ) took flights with Petr of course having the longest flight of the day.

          – If I left you out ( Too bad ) submit an addendum to this report.

          Submitted by GSO:  John Scott


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            <span class="Y2IQFc" lang="en">it was a beautiful day for flying, no one showed up at the airport,
             so I checked the golf cart, I added air to the wheels, they were
             only 10 psi or nothing, great, I checked the water level in the 
            batteries, fixed reverse swich in the green car, in 1-26 I 
            tried mount to cameras, it was a beautiful autumn day. Will
             we fly tomorrow or will we waste another autumn day?</span>
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            Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

              Thanks, Andy,  for checking-refilling the GC tires & H2O, and cleaning that crummy Reverse switch, again.

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              John ScottJohn Scott

                Tow report 15 SEP.

                – 11 flights with truant Nick Legenza and retiree John Scott as tow pilots.

                – 4 of the flights were dual with Tim Ponce as CFI.

                – Tow Plane was topped off before being put away.

                – No animals were harmed in the preparation of this report.

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