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      John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

        Today we had an event that fits right in with the idea of “See Something, Say Something” both in a positive and not-so-positive way.

        We did have several people actively use the “See Something, Say Something” phrase during the day.  I too use it then found that I didn’t do it right.

        I had noticed that one glider had landed after a check flight and remained on the center line for several minutes.  I said to those around me “They should move.  I will ‘Say Something!”.  What was being done wrong?  The glider was in the middle of an active runway.  It should have been moved as quickly as possible off to the side of the runway.  I waited several more minutes before I walked down and said to move the glider.  But I did it wrong.

        What did I do wrong?  Two things;

        “But, John, these are instructors! It could be an important debrief, lets wait!” THAT DOES NOT MATTER!
        “But, John, there is only one glider!  No one else is flying!”  THAT DOES NOT MATTER!

        Take-Aways – Ron Ridenour was on the field for a SSF Site Survey and explained it to me this way.

        – First, “Say Something” RIGHT AWAY. This helps spread the idea of being proactive to everyone around you. And the idea that ANYONE can do it.  It needs to be part of our culture.
        – Second, condition yourself to repeat these types of actions the same way every time.  We, of course, would move ASAP if there were 20 gliders in the air, right?  Then we must also move ASAP if there is only one glider. Taught that way the same safety action becomes part of our culture.

        Ron said “Primacy and repetition!  Learn it first the right way and do it the same way each time!”

        – John DeRosa

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        Karl LandlKarl Landl
          I totally agree with John! I know all about it and it brings back bad memories – the destruction of my beautiful PIK-20D in September 2020. In my 55 years of gliding/soaring I have seen many major mistakes even down at CGC some of which I don’t even want to mention.

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          Karl LandlKarl Landl
            mistakes = violations

            On Saturday, April 8, 2023 at 07:45:04 AM CDT, SSI <> wrote:

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            Rich WalendaRich Walenda
              Inline imageInline image

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              Nicholas LegenzaNicholas Legenza

                Where was the golf cart going to retrieve the glider? As soon as you see a glider in the pattern it is a good idea to send out a golf cart asap if one is available to retrieve the glider.

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                  At the last safety meeting, i asked Ron how to properly land on the center line and stop or turn on the taxi way, answer: as they tell you.

                  my idea is:First we  need to establish rules for landing .Flight director is responsible for traffic at the airport ,radio communication with the landing pilot such a small ATC control tower, for breaking these rules is validation : 1 a case of beer for exceeding the threshold, 2 cases of beer with a stop on the center line

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