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      Tim PonsotTim Ponsot

        Hi All-

        This afternoon I ran out to the field with Mary Alice. I tinkered while she got some great photos of SSI in the springtime. I did this knowing that I’d be working with no risk of getting anyone sick.

        I found out some good things, like if someone has cabin fever the grass might be ready to mow next week. I’ll probably do that in combination with giving the winch a spring inspection but if someone else is feeling particularly cloistered then by all means have at it.

        The not so good news is that if you decide to take this on DO NOT USE THE HUSTLER. The valve rockers are “wet” i.e. there is an oil sump around them inside the valve rocker arm cover. This cover is leaking oil onto the hot muffler and giving an “AeroShell Team” style smoke performance. We need to talk about where to find a new gasket for that.

        Hope you all are enjoying house arrest and looking forward to starting the season soon!


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        Don GrilloDon Grillo

          Thanks for the report Tim.  I’m not happy hearing that we have a leak on the Hustler. I’m going to SSI today to inspect the groundhog holes in the runway and see if any have been dug out by the little critters. I went out last week and filled them in.

          I’ll have a look at the Hustler and see whats going on with that rocker arm cover. If I can find the manual, their may be a part number or I may have to search online for a new gasket.

          I do find that it’s good therapy going out to the gliderport and just hanging around, by myself. I feel refreshed after walking the runway, looking over the disassembled gliders in the hangar, sweeping the floor or just sitting with the hangar door open and watching the world go by.  It’s amazing how quiet it is with hardly no traffic going by on hwy 20 and no airliners flying overhead.

          Hopefully, Sky Soaring (our club) will survive this, financially.  Many members have not paid their first quarter dues and with the field note due every month we only have enough in the account for a few months. Also, taxes will be due. We will not be able to fly until at least April 30th.  I ask all members to please pay your quarterly dues. If you are in financial hardship due to this pandemic please, inform our Club Treasurer, Steve Snyder, so that he can make note in his records. We do not want to lose any members due to this hardship we are all going through.  We will get through this and we will be flying as soon as we can.

          Stay Safe,
          Don Grillo
          Membership Coordinator

          P.S. Steve’s email address is:

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          Richard BellRichard Bell


            Go down the street from the field to B&K Power Equipment, 815-923-4547, 17009 Riley Harmony Rd, Marengo, about :05.  Talk to Bob or Barb.

            They are Hustler dealers, and that is the place I originally bought the Hustler for the club, many years ago.

            They should be able to help finding the right part.


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            Don GrilloDon Grillo

              Hello Sky Soaring Members.
              Thank You Dick Bell for the information on the Hustler.  A few of us went out to the club on Sunday and did a little work that needed to be done. We did have a look at the Hustler, tightened the valve covers and ran it. It still leaked so we will need a new gasket. We will go over to B&K and get one in the next week or so.

              We mounted the remaining 3 webcams and they are now up and running. Read this post on how to access the webcams from home or your smart device. The new webcams are High Def and require you to have a fairly fast internet connection. You may experience some jumpiness otherwise.

              The groundhogs did some damage to the runway during the winter however, the good news is that they did not setup a permanent home.  None of the holes that I filled in last week were dug out, indicating that they abandoned the burrows.

              Of course those of us out at the field yesterday did our best with social distancing and one member (who shall remain nameless) even came prepared with his version of corona virus protection.

              Thanks to the 3 Johns that helped out!!! 🙂

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