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      Karl LandlKarl Landl

        Thank you Brian! This is great news!


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        John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

          Much needed!  Thanks for taking that on. John H DeRosa

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          Don GrilloDon Grillo

            Does anyone know if a man came by on Sunday and picked up the water tank that was next to the hanger?  I ask because I posted it for sale (free for the taking) on fb and he said he would pick it up Sunday.


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              Karl LandlKarl Landl

                Hi Don,I was not out yesterday and don’t know. I was out on Saturday and got rid of all the swing material and all of the conduits that was put under the deck decades ago. The deck looks totally clean now. I may be out tomorrow to finish up the water tank area. Someone once said to me from the CGC that our hangar looks “junkie” and the person was right!Karl  

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