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      Art SilvermanArt Silverman

        Sky Soaring membership meeting (at the hanger)

        September 19, 2019


        Board Members Present:

        Larry Kase

        Art Silverman

        Don Grillo

        Steve Sneider



        Larry Kase:

        1. Next month our end- of-the-season membership meeting will be held at the Village Inn in Huntley (11713 Main St, Huntley, IL 601420).   Buffet breakfast starts at 8:00 and the meeting starts at 9:00 am.  After the meeting we head to the field to disassemble most of our club gliders.  We will leave two assembled for winter flying.


        Art Silverman:

        1. Our 1-34 is listed on Wings and Wheels.  I have gotten two e-mails inquiring about it, but no offers.


        Steve Snyder:

        1. Our financial info is posted on our website so I am not going to review it here.
        2. At November’s meeting we will be selling the SSA glider calendars- $10.00 each or two for $20.00.
        3. If you have maintenance bills, please forward them to Steve.
        4. We can keep our Not-For-Profit status as long as our commercial revenue stays below 20% of our gross revenue. Also, we can deduct our field usage fee from our commercial revenue before the 20% applies.  Currently we don’t get close to the 20% figure for this to apply.
        5. We discussed changing our not for profit status so donations made to Sky Soaring and tax deductible. Other glider clubs have done this, but our accountant originally said it would not be legal to do so.  Larry Kase recently saw him and he now says it may be possible to change our status.


        Flight Chair’s Report (Given by Larry Kase):

        1. We Mark Mallamo hopes to be back in January.
        2. Erik and Petr passed their check rides
        3. Laurence soloed
        4. We have new tow ropes that we got from Sylvania Soaring as part of the purchase of their Pawnee.


        Don Grillo:

        1. Don thanked John DeRosa donated his time and decal making skills for all the decals he put on our Pawnee
        2. 1-26 needs an annual.
        3. Our 1-72 needs new door hinges, and a new Schrader valve for the front strut.
        4. The Culver repair is going slower than expected so it may not be completed this year.
        5. The PW-5 repair only needs paint to be finished, however, Larry is going to add some protection for the underside of the PW-5 to prevent a repeat event.
        6. Don became a SSA Certified Instructor and has given Mark Reich, Peter and Erik their A & B badges. Lawrence got his A Badge.




        Meeting adjourned around 10:00 and we had a great say flying.  If you are a student you lost out on a perfectly good day to fly.


        Art Silverman, secretary du jour

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