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      Art SilvermanArt Silverman

        Saturday was truely a “Club Day.” A lot of people helped out.  Larry Kase bought and installed new batteries in the green golf cart- I know he was helped, but I forgot who helped  him.

        Logan lead a team of members (too many for me to remember) who filled in the divits on our driveway, put new white stones on our runway markers

        We are installing a car port at the east end of the field.  I helped (once again many members helped) prepare the ground for the car port-we put tons of stone at the east end of our field.

        The cover straps to the Krosno now has clips on them – we no longer have to tie the straps together.

        Thanks for everyone who helped out- it was chilly but a very successful day.

        We also ran the winch.  I did not stay to the end of the day, so I hope someone else will complete this wrap up and tell us how many flights got off the ground.


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