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      John LincolnJohn Lincoln

        I wish to thank Gary Palumbo, Kees van de Klippe, John Belue, Greg Tomczyk, Geoff Weck, Don Grillo and John DeRosa for all manner of work on the Pawnee and other ships as well. Mainly the Pawnee got it’s wheel bearings repacked and reinstalled, new brake pads installed and a start on the removal to inspect the horizontal stabilizer. The stall warning light was looked at but it has me baffeled. I have no doubt that John DeRosa will soon have it all sorted out. The Pawnee is now on it’s main gear and the engine hoists have been removed. The Krosno got some ASI markings added. A BIG Thank You to all of you out there today. John LincolnĀ  PS If I missed anyone I apologize, the fault is entirely my own. JL

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        John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

          About the stall warning – I am confused too. Doesn’t seem to be wired like the schematic shows.

          Also, Steve Snyder was working today too!

          Best Regards,
          John H DeRosa

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          John LincolnJohn Lincoln

            I am sorry I missed Steve Snyder on the Saturday work list of members who were there. It’s entirely my fault. I even had him on my list and still missed him! Again I apologize, Steve and to the members. John Lincoln

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            Steven SnyderSteven Snyder

              If you are wondering, (I’m certain you are) how come I wasn’t invited, quite honestly right now there is not that much to do. A few special tasks run by Gary such as the Pawnee and so odds and ends. After the New Year there will be more projects. Washing polishing sanding and painting all come to mind.

              Stay tuned.

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