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      John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

        We had a good team out on Saturday working primarily on two projects.


        Geoff Weck, Jim Hopkins, Steve Snyder, John Belue, John Phelan and yours truly (who did I miss?).  Plus the visit of a former member of the club, Doug Kylo, who showed up to talk about maybe rejoining SSI to fly his new Pipistrel Apis motorglider.


        John Phelan used a gizmo that successfully tracked down the wiring going from the stall warning switch in the wing’s leading edge to the instrument panel.


        Geoff lead the entire team, Doug included, who worked to remove the elevator and one of the two horizontal stabilizers on the Pawnee.  Much sweat was expended on the later.  The removal of the other stab has been rather stubborn to say the least!


        One last item.  Open Glider Network (OGN) receivers are now operational at Sky Soaring, Windy City and Chicago Glider which were paid by an SSA grant program.  See https://www.glidernet.or for information on OGN.  You can use to track gliders (and other aircraft with the right transmitter) who are flying this time of year in the southern US and South America (near Santiago Chile I see 20+ gliders flying right now!).  This will help us track gliders flying around Chicago.  We have tested an inexpensive transmitter ($50) which can go into one or more of SSI’s ships.  Which ships do you feel makes the most sense to track during flight operations?


        More work continues next Saturday.

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        Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

          Sorry to hear i missed the date of the OGN base site install….didn’t know it was happening & when. With over 40 years of radio & wlan communication equipment design, I could have enjoyed that. The base site RX antenna style, gain, pattern, loc,… key details in that unlicensed band.

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          John DeRosaJohn DeRosa
            Denny – Thanks for the offer. As mentioned the equipment came to us from an SSA grant program. We hope that we can install another receiver in Beloit – and WCSA is thinking about another receiver in Rochelle – to provide more coverage for our cross country folks.
            Last Thursday Jan 9 there was a work party – Gary Palumbo, Don Grillo, Jim Hopkins, Geoff Weck, Kees vandeklippe (and others that escape me). The remaining horizontal stabilizer on the Pawnee was removed and then both “stabs” were stripped of fabric for a recovering. I worked with Hopkins and Kees to get the stall warning light rewired.
            There was a work party on Saturday Jan 11 but I don’t have details. Anyone?
            John H DeRosa(OHM Ω)

            On Sunday, January 15, 2023 at 01:24:48 PM CST, SSI <> wrote:

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            Don GrilloDon Grillo

              Saturday included Steve, john B, Art, Jim, petr and Don. Pumpkin wings were cleaned and waxed, tailwheel repaired and paint was touched up. The 1-34 had some surface rust removed and painted. Pawnee panels were cleaned. Big Mac 🍔 burgers supplied by Art.

              I hope I got everyone.

              — Don
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