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      John BakerJohn Baker

        We had 5 towpilots and 5 instructors at the field today…

        This morning the ceiling was 6,000 – 9,ooo feet with gentle winds out of the southeast. Because of the cloud cover the tows were as smooth as silk. A nice morning for training flights…

        Do to a lack of field checkouts, flight reviews or dual flights with students the first three flights actually had Towpilots/Instructors at both ends of the rope. The fourth (and last) flight of the day was by Mark Reich in the 2-33. The rain started around 1:30pm.

        Towpilots/Instructors at the field today were Mark Mallamo, Gary Palumbo, Mike Vaughn, Larry Kase and John Baker.

        Thanks goes to Mark Reich and Greg Tomczyk for mowing, Gary and Larry working on Pumpkin, Larry doing ground school with Logan Thomas, John Osborn and Tad looking at the PW5 stabilizer and a special thanks goes out to Petr Folwarczny and Jim Hopkins who were upgrading the lights in the hangar…

        – Thanks again, John

        John Baker


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