Saturday July 16 – Membership Meeting 9AM

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      John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

        All,Sky Soaring’s July membership meeting will be held this coming Saturday July 16 at 9AM in the hangar.We have several things on the agenda;- Club Financials- Analysis of the glider fleet and possible changes.- Balloon operation- New members- Safety topic- Maintenance of the fleet and the grounds- Tow plane status- Status of winch sale

        See you there!
        John H DeRosa
        Sky Soaring Glider Club
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        Steven SnyderSteven Snyder

          Saturday recap. No flying. Low ceilings until 2:00 and by then most everyone was gone. In the meantime there was work to be done. After the meeting a crew set to clearing the rather large Poplar tree that came down on the dumpster. Thanks Pete for fetching your chain saw and leading the removal. (Video shows the branch came down Friday around noon while it was raining but no evidence of high winds}. Another team was re-installing the release cable on the Krosno, a group was trying to adjust the sliding door on the east hanger and several were mowing our extensive acreage (there is still more to be done). There was test prep taking place and there were new members being escorted in, out and around the operation.

          No doubt I missed a few but feel free to add as needed.

          See you tomorrow.


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