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      John LincolnJohn Lincoln

        Yesterday, Saturday the 22nd, ended up too windy to fly. Shucks… But it was great for derigging some of the fleet for winter. Four ships are now in the hangar; the 1-26E, the Krosno, Pumpkin and the 1-34R. Thanks to the early crew, Mark Reich, Steve Snyder, Rich Walenda and Petr Folwarczny. Then later several other members came out among them, Mikolaj Malkowski, Mike Vaughn, Jim Hopkins and Don Grillo. I think there were a couple others however their names escape me at the moment, my sincere apologies. We suffered through 75 degree temperatures and although windy not so bat that it really hurt the derigging effort. With some rearranging I believe we will be able to get the last two ships in the hangar along with the Pawnee. Again thanks to all who came out and helped. Sincerely, John Lincoln Maintenance

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