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      Art SilvermanArt Silverman

        I want to get a winch operation going for tomorrow.  If you are a winch driver, please let me know if you can come out.  Mark will be instructing.

        If you are a student, tomorrow looks to be a great day…please come out.  I can only be there for a few hours in the morning.


        Summer is too short to waste.  Lets meet tomorrow and have fun flying.


        PS: Please respond if you are going to be there!!

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          I can come out later in the day and operate the winch.

          Cornelis van de klippe

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            Art SilvermanArt Silverman

              Thanks.We need a winch driver for the morning.  Petr, Tim, Don, Barry…. can you help us this morning?Art

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                  Already committed to other activities


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                      I am new so I will do whatever I can to help. Seeing how the winch operates would be great, as well as going up, of course. Will be there late morning.

                      John Dudlak

                      John Dudlak

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                  I will be there, probably arriving around 9:30ish.

                  Mark Dunning, PhD

                  Director of Molecular Biology
                  BioSentinel, Inc.
                  505 South Rosa Road, Suite 105
                  Madison, WI 53719


                  (608) 441-8172 office
                  (608) 441-8173 fax
                  (608) 213-7348 mobile

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                  Laurentiu NicolaeLaurentiu Nicolae

                    I’ll be there.


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                      Hello:I can come out to fly and to hold the tail down, wing run, hook up, or mule drive for a few hours in the morning.  I can learn more duties if there is someone to instruct me.Regards,Rich 

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                          I’ll be there and, as it looks like I am moving to Sacramento, this will be
                          my last time before heading out west. Hope it’s a good day!

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                            Steven SnyderSteven Snyder


                              Congrats on the new position. We will miss you at the field. Well done!


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                          Mark MallamoMark Mallamo

                            We had 25 flights yesterday, all by winch.  New member Mark D. was around and helped with wing runner duties and got a couple of flights too.  Don G. and Gary P. worked on the carburetor replacement on our towplane.  Greg T.  spent the day giving our office and lounge area a much needed cleaning.  Thanks to Art, Kees, and Don for operating the winch and everyone else who came out to help.

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                              Greg TomczykGreg Tomczyk

                                Jim Hopkins was there helping too. He is always willing to pitch in without having to ask. Thanks Jim!

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                                Greg TomczykGreg Tomczyk

                                  Andy C. helped with the tow plane repairs as well as John O. and Jim Hopkins who also helped cleaning.

                                  Winch crew incl. Mark M. and Mike V. instructing as well as crew members Mark R., Aaron, Lawrence, and others mentioned by Mark M. all of which amounted to a good team effort & most of them didn’t even fly. John P. worked a long time on our tractor too. We all have to pitch in so all of us can continue to enjoy safe flying.

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