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      John LincolnJohn Lincoln

        On Tuesday August 29th Dave Winters and I are planning to shoot grades on our runway to plan how much and where fill dirt is needed in order to smooth the runway out. It will also let us know if it’s a job small enough for us (SSI) to do or if it’s going to be so big that we’ll need a contractor. Of course if the weather is good and an operation is going to be up and running we won’t do this then but plan on another day. If and or when the filling takes place the runway will be down for quite a while so we are looking at doing this in October after almost all of the soaring season has ended. John Lincoln

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        Hi John,Mike Karpowicz would like to quote this job as well. He is a professional excavator that can bring the runway with 0.25”.Can he contact you?


        Kees van de klippe

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