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      John LincolnJohn Lincoln

        The subject of grading the runway and adding a taxi way on the north side of the runway should have been brought up for discussion at today’s meeting. Unfortunately it was not. The discussion that happened after the meeting (that I heard) was about buying a box grader and regrading the runway and the berm on the north side of the runway ourselves. I don’t think regrading our field is as easy as that. I would be afraid that we could easily damage the field. Remember after smoothing out all the dirt we’ll need to replant the grass. If we feel the unevenness of the runway is because of the flooding due to the bridge work over Harmony Creek at highway 20 (as I heard today) we should complain to the contractor or the state for compensation. No matter what we do, it should be discussed at at least one meeting. This affects every member who flies. John Lincoln

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        John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

          All,I got a contact from Buzz Getzelman.

          Copenhaven Construction out of Gilberts.  The owner is Chuck.    I drove to his nearby house to talk in general terms about what we want to get done.
          He will drop by Thursday at 1PM at Sky Soaring to review the work. 
          John H DeRosa(OHM Ω)
          West Dundee, Illinois, USA

          “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”– Albert Einstein
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          John LincolnJohn Lincoln

            I will be there on Thursday to talk with Chuck when he drops by. Thanks, John DeRosa for setting up the meeting. John Lincoln

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              That’s an enormous expense and undertaking. Money could be applied to aircraft repairs of the Lark and other needs at the club.
              Admittedly I haven’t knowledge of the details and reasons behind such proposal and am only an arm chair quarterback concerning leadership decisions of the board members.
              I see nothing wrong with the field the way it is.
              Is it truly required to regrade the entire field simply to widen/ add another landing area to it?
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                The gliders and tow plane are designed for unimproved airstrip operations. The only danger that sticks out in my mind is the obscured drainage ditch at the end of the runway bordering the farmers field.
                We could lay a large pvc pipe in that area and cover it with dirt to get rid of the open ditch for draining there.

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                  I agree.would rather see a new training glider purchased, or even some sort of protection for the poor sailplanes that sit out in the rain/snow.

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                  Larry MoyLarry Moy

                    I believe this may be a result of the safety meeting that was a couple weekends ago.  One of the recommendations was to have multiple runways for operations.

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                    Tim PonsotTim Ponsot

                      You guys need to think bigger. Grooved concrete runway with full approach lighting and CATIII ILS or go home

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                      Don GrilloDon Grillo
                        Let’s add radar and a control tower.

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                        Steven SnyderSteven Snyder

                          All;These are all good points. Let’s go back to the original idea. As a result of the recommendations after the safety survey we agreed that we need more space for a glider to pull off of the active runway. This entails cutting into the alfalfa field by about 75 feet. The first step is to get an estimate for the work. If that is done the excess soil can be spread on the runway to fill the low spots.

                          Steven Snyder224-628-2871
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                          Karl LandlKarl Landl

                            Why not use some of the soil from along the north side of the runway and by doing that widening it a little to fill in the ditch? The ditch is waiting for an accident!

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                              Who needs stinking taxiway!!

                              Frank and Tim,are winners!!

                              what we really need:shelter for golf carts,and lawn mowers.Battery fumes are not healthy for you and the equipment in the hangar.Board of Directors should inspect all gliders,and see in what decaying condition they are,upholsters,no radio holders,missing bolts,and cabin seals.ETC.

                              Do we really have money for stinking the Taxiway??



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                              Richard BellRichard Bell

                                Many years ago we had the chance to have the ditch at the east end of the runway work done for free. All the person, who owned and operated the heavy equipment company wanted, was one year’s free membership to the club. He would pay all his bills for flying, etc.

                                The current board at that time, in their infinite wisdom turned him down. The reason? They said  that it should be free because if he became a member of the club, it should be considered a donation.  He never came back after that, and I did not blame him.

                                Speaking about the ditch there, just filling it in without a fairly large section of metal drainage material would invite a possible major flooding situation. Believe me, I know from experience, seeing past flooding from the field just to the south east of there. It becomes a torrent of water.

                                Sorry, I was grounds chairman for a number of years, and know the SSI land well, and am babbling on.

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