Refrigerators and Our Friends the Balloon Guys

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      John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

        I believe that everyone is aware that Nostagia Ballooning keeps quite a few items in their refrigerator in the office area for the use of their customers (water, etc).  Sky Soaring has a refrigerator too in the office area where our members are able to put some of their items (drinks, food, etc) as well as for our day-members.


        The two refrigerators are clearly marked as to which is which, “Nostagia Ballooning” and “Sky Soaring”.  We all should be very careful not to take items from the wrong refrigerator.


        In the spring Sky Soaring will work to keep our SSI member’s refrigerator stocked with water.


        Thanks and Happy Holidays,

        John DeRosa


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