Operation Tues May 16??

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      John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

        It looks like we might have three days of soar-able weather this week (Tue, Thu, Fri).

        Right now Tuesday looks the best according to Sky Sight https://skysight.io ($) and Dr Jack http://www.drjack.info/BLIP/univiewer.html (free!).

        I will be out around tomorrow Tuesday around 9AM to rig and hopefully getting a first flight in my glider for 2023. With the Region 7 SSA contest starting this coming weekend I need some practice!

        WHO CAN TOW?

        Thanks, John

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        Petr FolwarcznyPetr Folwarczny

          I may come later in the morning. 11-12 (?) Petr

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          Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

            As John mentioned, Tu, Wed, Thurs appear good WX.
            I would like to help & fly Wednesday or Thurs. I can’t get to field until 12pm on Wed.
            I hope I can make it out Tuesday aft, too.

            Much depends on tow pilot availability any of these 3 days.

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            John ScottJohn Scott

              I’ll be out from 10 to 3. Must leave by 3 pm.

              John M. Scott

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