Operation of the Hustler Mowers

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      John OsbornJohn Osborn

        This year both Hustler mowers had to be sent out for repair. The “Old Hustler” had a significant hydraulic leak, and the “New Hustler” had a broken motor mount bolt in addition to a failed ignition coil. The New Hustler has been repaired and is back in service. We are still waiting for the repair shop to fix the other machine.

        We mow a lot of grass each year and expect to have some maintenance on these machines. However, there are two concerns with this year’s maintenance work. The hydraulic oil level of the Old Hustler was very low indicating that the oil level had not been checked in quite some time. Fortunately, the problem was identified before the reservoir ran dry and the pumps were damaged. The motor on the New Hustler was discovered to be so loose that it could move by hand. All four motor mounting bolts were loose, and one was broken. This could be the cause of the loose motor, or it could be the mounting bolts all came loose causing one to fail.

        We need to be aware of these problems and take better care of these machines. It is mandatory to check both the engine oil level and hydraulic oil level (the hydraulic oil tank is under the seat) before operating the mowers. The loose motor and broken bolt suggest we may be running the mowers to fast on the rough areas of the field. It is quite unusual for a motor to come loose let alone for a motor mount bolt to break. It is better to slow down than push the machines through the rough areas of the field. The deep ditch at the East end of the field can also put a lot of strain on the frame of the machines and subsequently the motor mount. So, slow doown, take a little longer to mow and save the machines.

        John O

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