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        <div class=”gmail_default”>Anyone in the club who might be interested in going in with some others to buy an Ogar motor glider??   Geoff in Alberta is asking 29.5K    https://wingsandwheels.com/classifieds/?m=motorglider</div>
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        <div class=”gmail_default”>Rotax engine installed.</div>
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        <div class=”gmail_default”>Greg Tomczyk and I looked at one last year in Morgantown (after Andy had alerted us to its existence), but that was in poor shape.</div>
        <div>This one has been flying, and Geoff has some nice videos to share.</div>
        <div>Could be an adventure to fly it back to Chicago from Alberta.</div>
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        <div class=”gmail_default”>Might be fun to go flying with this craft at the Club on bad soaring days, or days with no tow pilot on hand.</div>

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        Rich WalendaRich Walenda


          If it was sport pilot eligible I would be interested.  It MTOW is too high for sport pilot.



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