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      Don GrilloDon Grillo

        Hello Sky Soaring club members,

        On last nights zoom club meeting we discussed the use of an online aircraft book system to schedule both gliders and flight instructors. This will allow members to schedule the use of gliders well in advance. Want to fly the 1-26 next Saturday at 1pm? Schedule it online and you’re guaranteed it is yours for 1 hour and longer if no one else has it scheduled. Need an instructor? Schedule one.

        The online booking software is call  It requires registration. Sky Soaring is all setup and we’re ready for beta testing. Follow the link below and register. After you register and login, at the very top you will see a picture of a small wrench. Click on it and fill out the form. It is your profile.

        Here is the link:

        If you have questions, please use this message thread.


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        Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

          All, at the zoom meeting, I forgot what the reason was, for considering the need for a Reservation system.

          Was it to keep the number of members to a minimum, while out at field Ops?

          Was the first-come-first-serve, sign the sheet usual method seen in 2019, to be not working anymore?

          How would the Day-members offers, fold into a reservation method?


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            I agree there are some questions about how well this would work. Its hard to keep a very precise schedule especially when starting operations at the beginning of the day as not all essential folks like tow pilot of CFI may have shown up.  I guess the sign-in sheet would keep people on a tighter schedule??!!

            Also, what happens if you find a great thermal (really) and want to stay up for two hours…are you forced to come down as someone else had signed up to use the same craft?

            Also, people may sign up, and then something comes up and they are a no show.

            In a way, the sign up sheet we had been using seemed to work pretty well.

            My two cents, but Don may have three cents to add.  Of course, we can always experiment.


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            Don GrilloDon Grillo

              Great questions from both Denny and Alan…We want to hear our members feedback and questions.  Keep them coming.


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