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      John LincolnJohn Lincoln

        Hey All, I’m just reporting what has been happening. There was a hick-up with the Pawnee that Don and maybe Gary are going to look into and see what needs to happen next, stay tuned. The OLD Hustler is running a bit better after John O cleaned the one plug that is easy to get to, but it’s still a bit rough and bogging down in the tall stuff. And The Ford tractor has a flat (right front) that John O is taking in for repair. Jim Hopkins is/has been working to seal up the leaks and holes in the old hangar at the roof line. Larry Kase is supposed to be doing the annual on the 1-34R in the next couple of weeks. He will also be doing the annual on our new (to us) 1-26C. Jim Bob may (hopefully will) bring back measurements for drilling hole for the tie downs on the 1-26C. Jim has been at the 1-26 Nationals. Gary will be doing the annual on the Pawnee and Pumpkin. Thanks to everyone who has been keeping up on the mowing, the grass has been growing pretty fast. Please be careful when moving ships and golf carts around. As a final safety note please remember that we have the taxiway which is about 80 to 100 feet wide and makes a very good place to land, taxi or avoid other ships in either an emergency or when moving from end to end of the field. John Lincoln, Maintenance

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        Steven SnyderSteven Snyder

          As of today Pumpkin is assembled. So interior panels still need to be secured.

          Steve Snyder. Sent from my mobile

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