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        As many are aware, the board recently proposed a “coupon” program which will allow members to buy flight credit in bulk at a discount (similar to a “block time” discount offered a commercial FBOs).  The coupons can be used for aero tow, winch launches, and instruction.  Last night, the Sky Soaring board voted to approve the program and it will be implemented in the coming weeks.  More info to follow.

        Effective, Saturday, May 18th there will be a change in the rate for flight instruction (irrespective of launch method). New rates are as follows:

        Dual Flights less than 10 minutes:  $5

        Dual Flights 10 minutes or longer:  $10

        Those who purchased winch ticket booklets that we started offering last year may continue to use them and there is no change to that program.  Each winch ticket covers the launch and instructor.  However, we will no longer be selling winch ticket booklets once the new “coupon” program is implemented shortly.


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