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      Don GrilloDon Grillo

        Hello Sky Soaring members,

        A new feature has been added to the
        Sky Soaring message forum.  You can now create a NEW TOPIC using
        email without having to login to the website. 
        Here’s how it works:

        Go to the General Discussion page
        like you normally would to create a new topic.

        Look for the Yellow Box that says:
        “Your personal topic by email link for this forum is:

        Copy and paste that personal email
        address link to your email address book.

        Anytime you want to create a new
        topic, use that email address to compose the message TO.

        You can also add a picture to the
        email. Click your send button and it will go out to all members.

        Here is a screenshot to show you where your personal email link
        is located.

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