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      Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

        To all who were at field Sat 4-13 for Winching and Ground repairs:

        I misplaced my black driving gloves, late Sat about 3:45pm, coming back from East End Flight Ops table, using them in cold wind out there.

        I may have left them in Mule Retrieve car, handing off that task to Logan.

        Or, I may have left them on chairs, next to pop machine.

        Please email me   (cfoc21@gmail.com)  if you saw them.

        Thanks Much, Denny

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          There was at least one black leather glove on the floorboard behind the
          passenger seat in the mule.

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            Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

              Thanks Logan! That might be one ( of the pair)
              Gives me hope.

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              Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

                Hey Logan, you were right….Both my gloves there:, one backseat, other
                fell between console, got them!

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