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      Art SilvermanArt Silverman

        This Saturday, being the third Saturday of the month, is our monthly membership meeting.  You don’t want to miss it as we have much to tell you.  The meeting starts at 9:00 am.

        In the past some of us would meet for breakfast, unfortunately the places we have met have closed.  I hope we were not the cause.  If anyone knows of a good breakfast place to meet please let me/us know.

        After the meeting we fly.  I have on confidential information that the tow plane will be flying, and we should also be able to winch.  If we could only figure out how to winch the tow plane while it launches a glider…..

        Hope to see you at the field, and remember this month’s door prize is the title to the meyers (Just kidding).


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        Don GrilloDon Grillo

          Maintenance Report:
          Gary and I will be getting the carburetor swap complete on the C-182 and then do a run-up to make sure we have no leaks. If all checks out, the tow plane will be available for tows by early afternoon Saturday.

          The Lark radio is reported to be garbled when transmitting. SSI policy states there is to be no winch launching without the use of an operable push-to-talk radio.  So until it is repaired, aero-tows only. Take a hand held radio with you.

          The PW-5 is down for some fiberglass repair work on the lower fuselage due to a weak link break.

          The Green Golf cart will not go into reverse. Seems to be a switch problem.

          If you see something that needs repair, please report it to Don Grillo in person or send an email to

 or my cell is 630.303.2871

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