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      John LincolnJohn Lincoln

        As of now Stars and Stripes is back in flyable condition. It was a herculean effort by all who worked on her. A big thank you to Steve, Petr, Lawrence, Larry Kase and John Osborn. If I missed someone please accept my apology.

        Work continues on the 1-34. John Osborn, John DeRosa, Jim Hopkins, Steve Snyder and I believe Denny Burke and Don Grillo all have worked on her. Thank You for your help on this project. The gear is out and parts are or will be ordered. A consult will be made with K&L (formerly Schweizer Aircraft) to make sure we are addressing all the pertinent areas in putting the gear back together.

        The solar powered fan and cross bracing have been installed in the vinyl covered storage building by Greg Palmer, Jim Hopkins and John DeRosa. Thanks for this effort too. The winch will be well served by this action.

        John Lincoln

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