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      John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

        Advertisement: http://glidersource.com/cgi-bin/post.cgi?id=1714


        I saw this on Glidersource.com and thought someone might be interested.


        The Oudie line of glider GPS navigators are the best designed mid-sized form factor (PDA size) devices I know of.  I owned two models over the years and they were great. Asking $275.  New would be $375.


        Things to ask the seller;


        – Does it come with a SeeYou mobile license?  The lite model does not come with a license but obviously he had to have a license to run it so is it included or not?  A license costs $250.

        – Does it come with the charger, suction cup mount, and the other accessories that came with it when purchased new?



        Info: https://www.cumulus-soaring.com/store/naviter-oudie-n?search=oudie

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        Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

          To members with private gliders, what are the benefits of Oudie system, compared with tools like TopHat or XC Soar that run on Android Pads or phones,  or Apple iPad or phone. ?

          Seems like Oudie hardware platform may have been around before other computing (cheaper) platforms were easily available. As example, I think the TH orXCS also have moving maps, Task setups, compute final glides, keep data stats, create IGC files,  etc. , but maybe that is slim pickings compared to Oudie.

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