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      John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

        Lark Status – Lark is considered DOWN FOR WINCHING at this time but OK to use for AERO-TOWs.  Jim Hopkins and I tested the Lark’s radio and found nothing wrong.  The testing was performed on the ground but needs to be re-tested in the air for confirmation that it is OK so we can start winching with it again.  Please test the radio during the next aero-tow flight and let me know – maybe during Monday’s operation.


        1-26 – The 1-26 is considered DOWN FOR WINCHING at this time but OK to use for AERO-TOWs.  I didn’t get a chance to test the radio on Saturday.  I hope to get to this next week.


        Thanks, John OHM

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        Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

          Tip on the 1-26 Comm: John, i flew 82H on 7-13 and the radio keys with PTT
          button, with silent carrier , no voice modulation. A boom mike situation?
          However, Mark R. and Logan T. have flown 82H in August, and may have a
          better update.

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              I need an instructor and since one will be present I will be out Monday to help however I can.


              John Dudlak

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                In regards to the 1-26

                The situation for the past few weeks has been: The radio itself and speaker
                are fine, but the boom mic isn’t picking up voice or it’s not getting to
                the radio. Could just be as simple as a loose connection

                I flew the 1-26 off the winch last weekend with a hand radio. It was
                fine, even with having to do two emergency releases, but I definitely agree
                with not flying it off the winch until the radio is fixed.

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