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      Don GrilloDon Grillo

        See something say something! During preflight of the Krozno on Sunday the PIC noted that there were extensive black scrapes on the underside of the right wing. The black marks were in two different locations extending from mid wing to trailing edge of the aileron. Several of us including an A&P mechanic scratched our heads trying to figure out how the black scrapes were made. Possibly a push lawnmower? We were able to buff the scrapes off with cleaning compound. This could have grounded the Krozno had severe damage occurred. Remember to report any damage to a board member or A&P mechanic. See the pictures attached to this email.


        — Don
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        John PhelanJohn Phelan

          Was the grass freshly mowed around/under the Krozno?  The Hustlers won’t fit under the wings of most of the ships.

          John F. Phelan
          (S20 Mobile)
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          Barrett GoodwinBarrett Goodwin

            Don,Is Sky Soaring closed for the season? I was told that Oct 1st the runway may be shut down. Please advise. Thanks!

            On Monday, October 2, 2023 at 11:24:28 AM EDT, SSI <> wrote:

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            John LincolnJohn Lincoln

              Barrett, Sky Soaring is not closed for the season. The runway work has NOT started (and may not start in what is left of the season). If something does happen with respect to the runway it WILL be posted on the web site. John Lincoln Maintenance

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              Michael PalmerMichael Palmer

                Will sky soaring have an operation going on next Monday since it’s a holiday?

                (Apologies for not starting its own subject email…on a phone overseas and I’m technologically challenged) Mike

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                Nicholas LegenzaNicholas Legenza

                  I should be able to tow this weekend.

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