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      Steven SnyderSteven Snyder

        In Condor, therefore in real life.

        Task: 55LL-Beliot-Lake Geneva Aire-55LL

        Equipment: 1-26

        Weather: 270@7kt Cloud base 7,200 ft Thermals strong

        Task distance: 82NM, 151KM

        Task time: 2:28

        Avg speed: 33kt

        Now just need to plan for a day with similar  conditions.

        LET’S DO THIS!

        IGC file available on request.


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        Steven SnyderSteven Snyder

          Condor flight


          Task Sprint 55LL- Poplar Grove- Galt- 55LL

          Cloud base 7,500ft

          Wind 135@5kt

          DistanceFlown=54.83 nm
          AverageSpeed=37.12 kts


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          Steven SnyderSteven Snyder

            This is the results you receive via email.
            <h1>Scoring Sky Soaring tasks</h1>
            <h2>Condor Soaring Simulator Flight</h2>
            <h2>Completed Sky Soaring Sprint CW in 1:25:37</h2>
            <h3>98.1 km scored flight distance at 37.1 kt
            Handicap speed: 59.4 kt [Beta]</h3>

            • Hit Sky Soaring at 12:11:46
            • Hit Poplar Grove at 12:32:08
            • Hit Galt at 13:16:46
            • Hit Sky Soaring at 13:37:23

            <h3>Flight passed within 2.0 km of the following waypoints</h3>

            • 12:00:21 to 12:11:48 near: Sky Soaring
            • 12:18:21 to 12:25:24 near: Walpole
            • 12:32:04 to 12:34:33 near: Poplar Grove
            • 13:16:44 to 13:18:58 near: Galt
            • 13:37:21 to 13:41:52 near: Sky Soaring

            <h3>Other Flight Info</h3>

            • Take off detected at 12:00:21 UTC
            • Off tow detected at 12:00:21 UTC
            • Take off pressure altitude is 3900.9 ft raw
            • Altitude correction is 0.0 ft
            • Guessing glider type: SGS 1-26D, handicap: 1.6
            • Multiple potential types identified as follows: SGS 1-26A (1.65), SGS 1-26B (1.65), SGS 1-26C (1.65), SGS 1-26D (1.6), SGS 1-26E (1.6)
            • Update your flight computer for a better match
            • Glider ID: MERLIN2
            • Pilot: Steve Snyder
            • Flight date: 2022-06-21

            Done scoring Sprint 1-26 vs L-13 2-19-22.igc

            Thank you for using the Proving Grounds scoring system

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            Dennis BurkeDennis Burke
              Nice. Does the Condor flight create an IGC file,  for later viewing ?
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              Steven SnyderSteven Snyder

                It does. The procedure is to click on “Analyze Flight” when you finish. At the bottom you should see “Save IGC file”.


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                Sent: Sunday, February 20, 2022 5:24 PM
                Subject: Reply To: It can be done; By Dennis Burke, [Sky Soaring]

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                Dennis BurkeDennis Burke
                  That’s super.   The altitude profile might be really interesting to watch later, by the pilot.
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