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      John DeRosaJohn DeRosa


        As you know our insurance policy with AIG is up for renewal at the end of May.  Our broker is Costello Insurance which is the largest glider insurance agency in the US.

        We were informed by Costello late last year that AIG would not be renewing our policy.  This is primarily due to the accident we had two years ago and the successful suit brought by a former member.  As soon as we were notified of this the board began contacting a number of aviation brokers to begin a concerted search for insurance.  To date this has not be successful due to Sky Soaring needing 3 to 5 years of no accidents.  Several brokers advised us that our best bet was continuing to work with AIG.

        Since the first of the year the board has been actively working on presenting our case to AIG.  This is in concert with Costello Insurance and closely with the owner Pat Costello.  At the SSA convention in February Pat Costello, Geoff Weck, Burt Compton, and I, had the rare opportunity to present our case directly to AIG.  I was told afterwards by Pat and his assistant that we did a great job.   But the work continues.

        As part of our meeting with AIG we committed to having a Soaring Safety Foundation (SSF) Site Survey with Ron Ridenour and Burt Compton.  The Site Survey a CRITICAL element for our case with AIG.  The site survey was held as part of our annual Spring Safety Meeting but we were unable to complete the flying component due to weather.  A report of that partial survey was sent to Costello and AIG.

        Ridenour is now scheduled to complete the SSF’s Site Survey tomorrow Wednesday April 26.  It would be great if you can be there to help.

        As to the future.  Our next step after the Site Survey has been finalized, and the report forwarded to AIG, is that we will be presenting to AIG the litany of safety changes we have made in the past few years.  This, we firmly believe, will be successful in renewing our insurance policy.

        John DeRosa, President, Board of Directors

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        Mark MallamoMark Mallamo

          John,Thanks for the update. In the previous site surveys we’ve had done by the SSF, I distinctly remember Burt Compton explaining to us that for liability reasons, he would not be recording anything in writing or issuing a report to the club but that we were welcome to jot down his suggestions and recommendations. The board could then decide to implement or not implement any or all of the specific recommendations.Is that the way this site survey is being conducted as well? In other words am I to assume that the site survey is “off the record” and that our report to AIG is being written by SSI outlining specific changes we’ve made on the recommendation of the SSF? I think there may be considerable confusion from our members regarding the purpose of the site survey with many thinking that the SSF will issue a formal report and endorsement (or non-endorsement) of our operation. Mark

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          John DeRosaJohn DeRosa


            You are correct. The Soaring Safety Foundation (SSF) keeps the details of their site surveys private.
            Following the Spring Safety Meeting in March the SSI Board sat down for several hours with the SSF (Burt Compton and Ron Ridenour) to get the details of their thoughts and findings. This happened again on April 14th when Ron Ridenour was on site as a member of the SSF. Ron held a great discussion with the instructors who were on site that day. And we will do more tomorrow with Ron as he watches our operation. These surveys are always very informative. Can you be there to hear what Ron might have to say afterwards?
            Note that Costello and AIG are aware that the SSF was planning a site survey as this came up during my face-to-face meeting with them. I feel that this knowledge is important for AIG to realize our sincerity.
            Finally, as part of Sky Soaring’s report to Costello/AIG we will talk about what our past, and ongoing, safety changes are – some of which are based on the SSF’s suggestions. Much of this has been talked about in emails, and at membership meetings (and meeting minutes).
            The board will definitely release this “AIG” report to the SSI membership so everyone is on the same page.
            John H DeRosa(OHM Ω)
            West Dundee, Illinois, USA
            “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”– Albert Einstein

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            Petr FolwarcznyPetr Folwarczny

              Looks like I might finish work early today and arrive around noon… Petr

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              Don GrilloDon Grillo

                Skysight is showing lift to 5000 today with light winds out of the ENE.

                — Don
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                Rich WalendaRich Walenda

                  Hello:It appears that the Sky Soaring site is not letting members log in this morning. The log in reverts back to the home page.Regards,Rich

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