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      John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

        This isn’t directly related to soaring but it is about travel in airplanes.  I hope everyone is aware that to according to; “For Illinois residents who fly domestically, effective Oct. 1 2020 the federal government will require you to use a valid U.S. passport or obtain a REAL ID from the Illinois Secretary of State’s office.”


        I just went today to the Illinois Sec of State’s office in Woodstock to get my RealID*.  Cost is $5.  The WARNING I want to give to you is that if you are going to need a RealID you should not wait until the last minute.  For me it took almost an hour to complete the task – which was short considering the office in Woodstock was basically empty when I went.  The officials at the office expressed concern to me about what the rush will be like come next fall.  And I do NOT want to be anywhere near a TSA line on October 1 – the mayhem of people caught unawares will be horrific.  So the sooner the better for you.  Don’t delay.


        Don’t forget the needed documentation!  See for details.


        – John “RealID” DeRosa


        * Did you know you can get both an Illinois drivers license >and< an Illinois Identification card?    Having both can be handy.  However, only one of these cards can be a RealID.

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        Tim PonsotTim Ponsot

          I feel safer already. Good job, feds.

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          Art SilvermanArt Silverman

            Tomorrow may be cold but I’d like to do some winches. Does anyone else want to join me?

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