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      Tim PonsotTim Ponsot

        Hi All-

        I noticed this morning that the hangar and the ready room had been cleaned. I’m told many people pitched in with the goal of tidying up our shared space. That being said, it made me really, really uneasy to see the amount of items that were not trash making their way into the dumpster rather than some other space out of the way. At least some effort could have been made to notify people of this impending cleaning before having hundreds of dollars worth of property damaged or destroyed.

        To name a few items that I recognized:

        Calibrated fuel tester flask (mine, ~$70)

        Board game (mine, ~$30)

        Fishing jacket (Larry’s, ~$75-150ish)

        Candy jar (Larry’s, ~$20)

        Work boots (Chad’s, ~$60)

        Sim Yoke mounting spacer (mine, ~hard to make)

        Helium Balloons, for measuring wind on morning balloon flights (Chad’s, ~$15)

        3 intact landing lights (Club, $20 apiece)

        Sweatshirt (Erik’s, ~$50)

        Calibrated mass (Mine, ~$20)

        And the list goes on. Most of these objects belong to the club’s most active members who may perhaps be guilty of leaving the occasional unintended object out of place.

        I’m sure the cleaning was done with the best and most helpful of intentions. The way these items were disposed of, though, with no attempt to give prior notice, no attempt to return them to their owners, and no attempt to preserve them from being destroyed was beyond careless.

        I’m going out in the morning to keep compartmentalizing things, take photos of people’s belongings, take clothes that were soiled to the laundromat, and so forth.

        Guys, let’s please not let this happen again.


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