Green golf cart (electric )

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        Green golf cart (electric )

        Complain: cable from battery to reverse switch was over heat ,smell of burning plastic
        Reverse buzzer not working .
        Inspection: damages of electric buzzer,(melted), cable from battery sing of over heat but
        No damage ,
        Repair : to retighten all cable, cleanup reverse switch (with out dissembling)
        CAUSE: ? ,My opinion ,Reverse switch was in middle position? Ignition key was on
        for longer time ? or else ?
        REMEDY : keep ign switch off if not driving ,do not let kids driving cart, temporary
        do not use reverse .But if you must be careful ,it is delay with response,and cart can jump!!
        Not so helty round gliders !!
        FUTURE INVESTIGATE , require of any problems.

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        Steven SnyderSteven Snyder

          Thanks, Andy

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