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      Larry KaseLarry Kase

        Friday ops,  late start, 1pm for first launch .

        blue thermals with no clouds, 2-4 kts of lift 4-5,000 ft.

        Landl got in a 2 HR + flight.

        2 day member flights

        Logan did 2 Pw5 flights then took up his family for rides in the Krosno.

        Grillo provided tows in the yellow Powerhouse.

        Saturday looks good for training and  Thermalling.

        Plan on long-line winch flights on Sunday   Ponsot to winch




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        Karl LandlKarl Landl

          Don’t forget John Lincoln had a much longer flight and he was always above me! Plus John Osborn’s flight about 1-1/2 hrs.? Who else? Larry Kase with a long flight in the Krozno. Thanks to Don for towing!

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              Also worth mentioning (albeit on a less positive note)

              We had another tow rope break yesterday. That’s two this week and I only
              saw the one more in the hangar.

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