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      Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

        Tho not a Soaring topic, the tragic auto accident on 7-31, just west of Rt20 access to SSI from I-90, shows a serious design error by the Tollway Authority.

        The exit to Marengo-Genoa rt23 has 2 roundabouts that allowed easy access to allow “wrong-way” incursions!

        In MHO, the ITWA is partly to blame for that horrible accident. Stupid engineering, and I say that as a former engineer.

        Please be careful using I-90…..its a 100mph racetrack for every visit I make to SSI.

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        Greg PalmerGreg Palmer
          After looking at the interchange on google maps, I can see how easily someone could get on the wrong ramp, especially at night with those round-abouts.Looking at the accident report it was reported to have occurred at mile marker 33.5 which is west of the Rt 23 interchange.The wrong way driver would have entered from another ramp further west of Rt 23.Such a sad and tragic loss of life, recently updated the father has also died.

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          John PhelanJohn Phelan

            The next entrance west of Rt 23 would be the Belvidere interchange.  That one does not have round-abouts but the exits/entrances are right next to each other.  Turn down the wrong side and you’re heading into on-coming traffic.  However, you would have to go through the toll booth backwards and all the signage would be backward as you headed east in the west lanes.  That should throw up some red flags.  She would have had to travel almost 10 miles to get to Marker 33.5.  In that time, she had plenty of clues that something wasn’t quite right.  Traffic on the other side of the divider going the same way.  Signs all backwards.  Mile markers all backwards.  Lots of clues.  What I haven’t heard is whether or not alcohol was involved.

            Best Regards,

            John F. Phelan

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